About Us

Native American Consulting and Marketing Firm Inc. is headquartered in El Reno Oklahoma in the heart of the Cheyenne Arapaho Nation. We are a Native American owned and operated corporation which started out as a small IT company operating out of a bedroom in 1999. We then incorporated in the year 2009. That was 19 years ago and we owe everything to the people who had faith in us along the way! Our founder Ms.Lina Gilliland has received many accolades during her life including being the recipient of the 2006 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from President Bush.


Why Us?

Because we are Native ran we are culturally sensitive to tribal needs and come from a position of real-time on the ground experience most companies currently do not have. We work with small business, non-profits and tribes alike and are committed to ensuring that all are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. We offer a wide array of services to Indian tribes and both Native and non-Native businesses across the nation. We have a wide pool consisting of tribal members of various nations and skills across the United States to assist us in helping you meet any need you may have.

Services We Offer

Listed are just a few of the services we preform:

IT-from development, programming to web design, newsletters and cybersecurity
Writing, publishing and content creation
Program and Policy Development 
Conflict Management and Negotiations
 Funding assistance 
Political Consultancy
Employee Training

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Real Values

We believe in working with our clients to give them a positive experience with tangible results. Most of our work comes by word of mouth. NACAM Firm Inc. was founded to bring Native and non-Native owned businesses together for the purpose of enhancing business and creating a unique network within the business community. Helping to establish lasting relationships.


We have partnered and made strategic alliances with other companies and individuals which have helped us to bring opportunities into Indian Country which has made it easier to accomplish both business and philanthropic goals. 

How they benefit you

Having lived and worked in Indian Country we know first hand the struggles and barriers we sometimes have to face. In light of these we have sought out companies and individuals which can bring better technology, healthcare, funding and lobbying to our communities that will enable us to live healthier and happier lives


More About Our Partners


It is true Indian Country has a lot to offer.When we say this we mean more than just tax advantages. If you are a company or organization who wishes to do business you should be aware of protocol.If you come in with respect for the land and for the people who live on it you can form some strong and loyal relationships. 

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NACAM was created out of a need. We saw that due to cultural differences there were often misunderstandings which resulted from very different styles of communication when non Native business or organizations came into Indian Country. We are here to help lessen that gap. To assist both parties in achieving a possible goal.


We have put together a list of resources for you. We hope you will find them useful.

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The following links are available as a resource guide to assist you in finding useful information. Also included are organizations which provide assistance to Tribes in dire need of help. If you wish to donate or help in any of these organizations it will be much appreciated.