What We Do

How Long Have You Been Working in Indian Country?

We have been working in Indian Country for over 20 years now. We also work internationally and have done projects in over 12 countries worldwide. 
Our educational background covers:
Environmental Sciences
Crop Sciences
Information Technology
Programming and design
Computer Forensics
Stocks and Investments 

Can you help with gaming? 

Absolutely! We can get you the right people from within Indian Country to help you every step of the way. From building to compliance, staff training, and management.
We are also part of Ciphertooth a brand new patented security software company which is able to prevent nearly every type of possible attack on your system. There is no other software available to date which is able to function like Ciphertooth to ensure your data is safe!    


Over the years NACAM has built up a lot of solid working relationships with various organizations. In turn, we have access to private groups which can help fund medium to large scale tribal enterprises as well as access to organizations which can assist you with obtaining your grant with a success rate of better than 90%

What About Politics? 

We have established ourselves as well rounded when it comes to what is needed politically regarding Tribal issues. We have made connections in this arena which have extended us the ability to aid you where and when you need it. If this be on issues of moving land into trust, gaming, water rights or economic development. We can get you reliable and dependable people to cut through the red tape.

Can you help with technical training?

Yes, we can! We are experienced in training employees in all aspects of using Microsoft Office products, setting up and using work cell phones and laptops. We have allied ourselves with SATA Inc. one of the largest computer refurbishing companies in order to bring Tribes first class laptops and desktop computers at a fraction of what you would pay otherwise. 

What about writing?

Writing well is essential to any organization. We have countless hours of successful writing experience under our belt. Everything from tribal policy and procedures, to full-blown economic development plans. If you need assistance with anything in this field you have come to the right place!