Working In Indian Country

What you should know

Here are a few tips for companies wanting to work in Indian Country

Begin by learning

Think of doing business with us as building a community. Learn to appreciate the gifts we have to offer.

Respect the land and the culture

Do not think that we will see the assets in the land the same way that you do. Respect what we hold sacred and come from a place of integrity. The Earth is our supplier of medicine, food and spirituality. It is NOT about the money. 

There is such a thing as Indian Time!

Do not expect the standard style of working. Relationships build over time and meals. Expect things to take longer to complete.

Learn the power of storytelling

Oral tradition is a big part of our history.Learn to listen to what we have to say. Trust is built in the exchange of life experiences. We are able to appreciate all things this way.

Don't believe everything you read on the internet!

Native American culture takes a deep understanding of the communities. We have rich history, culture and belief system despite the issues we face. This often clashes with the reality people have.

Culture is foremost

Native and non-Native people do business different. You must be prepared to invest of yourself if you want to succeed. Invest your time and energy if you want a good working relationship.